Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love the industrial vintage or the Restoration Hardware "look". Funky finds from the barn, put together with chicken wire, old door knobs, blocks of wood, old machine parts. Love it all!
I especially love old egg baskets. If the wires are bent and crooked, it holds a special place in my vintage loving heart. There are some fabulous baskets in this treasury. My favorite is the egg basket that has been repurposed into a chandelier! I want it so bad!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Road Ahead Lies Within

I have met some of the nicest people since joining Etsy a little over two years ago. I have made friends all over the world! How fortunate is that? To chat with someone in France or London, Seattle, Chicago, Colorado Springs? Those are just a few of the places I visit through this wonderful world called Etsy.

Susi, from http://www.Crafts2Cherish.etsy.com is a special friend I met over a year ago. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.
Susi gave me one of the best gifts I could ever receive. I opened up my Etsy convos this afternoon and found a message from Susi. She asked me to visit her treasury. I did, knowing I was in for a delightful tour of wonderful shops, and to my surprise..not only was the treasury fabulous, but in her comments, Susi said "To our lovely Anita".
Thank you dear Susi and Lili, I am honored and blessed to have met both of you.

Susi's shop profile
We are textile artists, working primarily in feltmaking. Felted wool fabric is one of the most ancient textiles. Our entire collection is created using the highest quality of natural and sustainable materials.
Wool comes from an annually renewable source. Each year, the wool on an animal grows back, and each spring the coat is shorn once again ready for summer.We use a variety of raw wools which are selected for their felting characteristics, texture and wearability.They are hand-dyed and hand carded by us to provide a wide palette range, and then hand-felted by layering and building up colour and texture to achieve a soft and flexible felted item.
Our accessoires are created to work across all seasons, and last for many seasons – a counterpoint to disposable consumerism.
Though the process of felting does not necessitate exceedingly expensive materials or equipment and just about anyone can add soapy water to fleece and agitate it into a felted mass, control of the outcome and well crafted, quality felt is achieved through years of experience and learning.
Keep having fun and continue to deliver high quality ethical products,it’s our way of thinking. All things are one of a kind and handmade with great care and attention to detail.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

She Built A New Life

We decided to move from Chicago to California in 1981. I wanted to move to a smaller town and own a small piece of property.
I also wanted my son to be able to go to the mountains and see their wonder, play in the ocean, be able to run with his friends in wide open spaces.
We settled in Madera, California. In the country. We are surrounded by vineyards, orange groves, nut trees and olive trees. We are 40 miles to the gate of Yosemite National Park. Two and a half hours and our toes are in the ocean. Three hours and we are in San Francisco. Lots of places to explore. A good place to grow up.
We are now alone, still in our same house. My husband tends to his numerous fruit trees. I keep telling him he needs to build a stand out on the road and sell some of his crop.
Our son and his family live in Northern California. Raising our three grandchildren in this beautiful state. They take day trips to the mountains or to San Francisco. Trips to the ocean are a treat!
We truely feel we made the right move.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

Absolutely no one that knows me better
No one that can make me feel sooo goooood
How did we stay so long together?
Stuck like glue!

Love this song by Sugarland! It's one of my favorites. And it reminds me of my Etsy Bestie.

Back in the summer of 2009, I was working hard, trying to get my shop noticed on Etsy. Most evenings I would be on the "Who Loves Vintage" thread, promoting, meeting new friends, learning the "tricks" of the trade. One evening, we were all excited because one of our vintage friends made her first treasury. Wow, I could do that! It was pure excitement, waiting for Treasury Main to open, hands shaking over the keyboard, waiting for number 332 to pop up!

A seller, CabinWindows, kept putting me in her treasuries. I would say "back at you" and put her in one of mine. We became friends and started convoing each other regularly. Sometimes, we would laugh so hard at our antics that tears would be dripping on my keyboard. Little did I know at that time what a true friend I had made.
My husband was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 5 years in August of that year. My friend knew that I needed to start making regular sales so I could keep up with growing medical bills. She wrote a letter to Vanessa at Etsy Administation about my plight. Vanessa contacted me and before I knew it, Etsy wanted to feature me in their Blog.

My friend and I became even closer, helping each other through our computers, with family problems, money woes, illnesses, job worries.
I grew up without a sister, just two brothers. I have found the sister that I always wanted. I know I can phone her and just talk or text her if I found a fabulous treasure at a thrift shop.
We are going to meet for the first time in May of this year. She lives in Colorado Springs, Co. and I live in Madera, Ca. She is a Biologist at the Air Force Academy and is being sent to Truckee, Ca for research. I live 5 hours from Truckee. Yahoo!!! We are finally going to meet! We are going to sit in coffee shops and yak over Caramel Fraps, or on a patio and dream about becoming Etsy Favs. over a bottle of wine. We are going to hit every Thrift Shop and Barn Sale in site. I can't wait!
My Etsy Bestie is Patti from http://www.northernlodge.etsy.com and http://www.cabinwindows.etsy.com.

You and me together..we're stuck like glue!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Wish I Had A River

When you're a child, the frigid winter air doesn't seem to bother us as much as when we get older. Growing up in Chicago, with the city's famous cold, windy winters just meant lots of fun. We would get our sleds and travel miles on frozen streets pretending that we were in Alaska. Those were the years that the TV program North to Alaska was popular.
We always worked diligently every fall preparing the empty lot on our block to become the best ice skating rink we could imagine. We leveled the ground and built borders to keep the water contained. At the first mention of frost, we dragged out garden hoses and started filling our hole. With any luck, it would freeze evenly and our world would be transformed. We were no longer inner city kids...we were out in the wide open spaces, letting our imaginations run wild as we flew across our rink. I was always a famous Ice Capades star. The boys played hockey. We would build our version of an igloo and store our thermoses of hot chocolate in it. Our Moms never worried about us, they knew we were safe in our play and imagination. We would stay out until, one by one, Mothers would call out our names to come home, time for dinner. I have wonderful memories of growing up in a safe world, no ipods or computers or gameboys, just some frozen water and hot chocolate.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Heart You!

One of my New Years resolutions was to tell someone each day that I loved them. I didn't do it today. Unless my husband counts. So here are 16 I Love You's.

This Old Church is a What?

My husband and I flew into Chicago in September of this past year to attend his 50th High School reunion. His school was on the south side of Chicago but, the reunion was held in Naperville, Illinois.
Naperville, and the surrounding area, is beautiful! The leaves were starting to turn and we were constantly surrounded by the golden colors of fall. We would  get in the car and start hunting for treasures in the many surrounding villages.

This former church was the most interesting resale shop that we found on our excursions. It is in Batavia, Illinois. The choir loft was crammed with old wooden frames, fence posts, and architectural findings.
The Sanctuary held vintage clothing and furniture, nicely displayed and reasonably priced.
Then, we went down to the basement! Aisle after aisle of everything under the sun! Pyrex, vintage toasters, tool boxes filled with antique tools, fishing lures, lamps and on and on. We were in Vintage Heaven in a former church! I wished we had our Jeep so we could load it up and drive back to California. Unfortunately the airlines frown on antique Victrolas taking up space. We also left behind a great little dressing table and chair, and a Hoosier. Airlines can be so fussy.
We walked around Batavia and explored numerous other shops but, I think the Church was my favorite.
I felt like we were American Pickers!