Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary Challene!

I was featured in a gorgeous treasury this morning! Challene from http://www.challenevi.etsy.com/ is celebrating her wedding anniversary. She created a treasury featuring traditional wedding anniversary gifts that correspond to your anniversary year. I remember, every pocket datebook had a list of what type of gift should be given to the happily married couple.

1. Paper
2. Cotton
3. Leather
4. Flowers
5. Wood
6. Iron
7. Wool
8. Pottery
9. Willow (and Pottery)
10. Tin or aluminum
11. Steel
12. Silk or Linen
13. Lace
14. Ivory
15. Crystal
16. Silverware

I think, since my husband and I will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary this year, I deserve every one of these featured items!


  1. Fantastic blog - thank you so much! :)



  2. Her treasury really stuck me too! I also saw your note about your 42 years, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to congratulate you!! Happy New Year as well :)

  3. thank you! and wow do i love that round travelling box in the post below!

  4. Nice blog, and nice treasury, thanks for helping to promote it!